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Our goal at Superior Safe Rooms is to provide you and your family with the most protection, comfort and security at a very competitive price.

Weather is so unpredictable and dangerous anymore. You and your family deserve the best in safety and protection.

Each Superior Safe Room can be customized to fit your specific needs. We can create any size unit you want!

Your home may be secure, however you still need a place to seek refuge should any danger present itself. Our modular safe room units can go anywhere inside your home you desire them to be installed.

Refuge Models come standard with ALL doors opening to the interior so anything that could fall against the safe room door you can still exit the safe room. Other companies open their door’s out and there is NO way of getting out should your home or tree collapse in the doorway of the safe room., DC inverter, LED lighting, 120 outlet, two corner pocket seats and digital LED peep site all come standard with OUR Superior Safe Rooms.

Sizes available but not limited to: 4’X6’, 4’X8’, 4’X10’, 5’X5’, 5’X8’, 5’X10’, 6’X8’, 6’X10’, 8’X8’, 8’X10’ and all models are 84” in height unless ordered differently.

Additional options: Folding bench seat, barracks bed, air conditioning, gun safe door, stainless steel or galvanized peg board for storing, guns, knives, fishing equipment etc.

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Superior Safe Rooms, LLC
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